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Pallet Trucks from Crown Pallet Truck WP3000Platform Pallet Truck WT3000

Pallet Trucks

Crown pallet trucks are built to handle anything

Crown Pallet Trucks: Robust – Reliable – Preferred

Life’s tough for pallet trucks. They must manoeuvre in tight spaces, withstand impacts, deliver power on demand and give operators controlled performance.

Pallet trucks for any application

There is a Crown pallet truck to fit any need with capacities from 1.6 to 2.5 tons and advanced features such as electronic steering, programmable performance, shock reducing operator suspension system, e-GEN® braking and sealed high-frequency charger.

  • The WP 3000 Pallet Truck Series is truly the "workhorse of the warehouse". This pallet truck has precise and efficient controls, a responsive AC drive motor and robust components to face a variety of challenges. The high lift pallet truck model offers additional flexibility for special applications.

  • For even bigger demands, the WT 3000 Pallet Truck Series has the strength, power and speed to handle heavier load weights and the most exteme environments.

Video WT3000 Platform Pallet Truck
Watch the WT 3000
Platform Pallet Truck Video



Crown Pallet Trucks

Video WP3000 Pallet Truck
Watch the WP 3000
Pallet Truck Video

Video WP3080 High Lift Pallet Truck
Watch the WP 3080
High Lift Pallet Truck Video